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2003-11-10 - 1:09 p.m.


The best laid plans of mice and men can go pear shaped on occasion. I was planning to work from home today. The Chimney sweep came around at 9:00 am and cleaned out the chimney and seemed to be pretty honest in his work. He did mention that we had a crack in the box that needed sealing up. We'll probably get him to come out again next week to fix that.

I got an email from Good-CC at work. There's Good-CC who runs the payroll, and there's Bad-CC, her boss. Bad-CC is highly intelligent, but has spent too many years doing things a certain way and is not anxious for change. Good-CC is also intelligent, and doesn't give a rat's ass how things happen as long as they get done. So I get this email, reminding me that I need to load time from the field systems.

I'd forgotten about that. I'm supposed to be covering for the guy that normally does it (how I got stuck with this I'll never know.) who is out on vacation. I try and run it from home, but then Charter decides to go belly up and my connection drops.

So I drive into work, run the Canadian thing and start running the US field time, only to discover that the Canadian one was the only piece I was supposed to run. Thanks for the heads up guys. I guess I need to get new batteries for my crystal ball. Now I think US might be hosed, so I email the world and his wife and copy my boss, and have yet to hear anything decisive back from anyone.

In other news, by secret project is finally coming along, but I'm running out of time. It needs to be ready by 11/15 (yes, that's probably tipped off at least one of you as to the nature of this project. But not the content. Ha!). It's really hard to do, I might add!

I also got seven new deities in the PaganNews deities database. They're Sumerian. I don't have any pictures yet though, so if you know any good artists that do Sumerian stuff, please let me know so I can go hunt them down for permission to use their images...

I'm heavily into studying the Qabalah and the Thoth Tarot and Crowley and all that jazz right now. When you finally get past the whole Whore-of-Babylon-Katie-bar-the-door-Christian-scaring imagery, it is really quite revealing. Within the next few weeks, I'm hoping to have a good enough understanding to be able to put a Qabalah section up on the website. If I can find the time. I've even stopped playing Heretic, I've go so many other things going on right now. AND my son A. is coming into town this weekend, AND its his birthday so I need to buy him something. He wants a portable CD player, so I guess that's what he'll get.

Alright, I guess I need to get back to work and figure out what the hell I need to do next. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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