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Sorry, where were we going with this?Sorry, where were we going with this?

2004-01-14 - 7:41 a.m.
I woke up and got up at 5:30 this morning, without even hitting the snooze. This happens sometimes. If the combined values of my bladder fill level, morning mouth grossness and ceratonin are greater than my melatonin level then I get up, take a whizz, fart, brush my teeth, make the coffee, weigh myself and then return to the bedroom to start getting ready.

If I'm Captain Snuggles, then I'll keep hitting snooze until R. comes and wakes me.

Since I didn't wake up in the night, I really needed a whizzbang this morning. And my mouth, which I'd forgotten to rinse with listerine last night was apprently auditioning to be the poster mouth for dental hygiene. The Atkins diet, as wonderful as it is, has a tendency to give you bad breath. Couple that with my smoking, spicy food addiction, and the whole bad tooth thing. Thus, each morning I have breath that smells like it comes straight from Satan's bottom.

But my weight is behaving (210, which just puts me at 'Normal' rather than 'Overweight' on the BMI), and so is my indigestion. Also my PLEVA appears to be going into hibernation for the winter.

We got a couple of bits of good news last night. First, J actually passed all his classes for last semester. So he has 4 credits for high school. I think he picked up a couple of sympathy points from the biology teacher.

Also, the whole identity theft thing with R. wasn't. And there is no warrant out for her arrest - it was a mistake. Apparently she paid a speeding ticket 2 years ago. The cop said he'd let her off the expired inspection sticker (Kind of like an MOT for the US, but less comprehensive), but apparently he didn't and they've been waiting two years to set a court date. We may fight it, or pay it. We'll see. Its just a relief that its not a big deal.

Tomorrow I'm going to work at home. Today, I have 3 meetings and a roadmap for the CRM project I have to put together.

Ooh, yesterday I did my first french class, which was fun. They stuck me in Level 3, which I was a bit concerned about, but I need not have worried. I was at least as advanced as most of them, and a lot further along than those that had only done french classes here. The guy (who insisted we only spoke french during the class) had us listen to a french radio station and attempt to decipher a news report. It was really hard, but good practice. Unfortunately, being in Texas, there are no french Radio stations I can tune to, just Spanish.

I understand a little spanish. You can't live in Texas for 11 years and not pick some of it up. Plus its a latin language, so knowing french and some latin, its not that hard to decipher. Maybe I should learn spanish. There are a bunch of spanish TV stations here. And the soaps have some pretty hot looking girls on them. Latin women know how to dress. If I were to define in one word my taste in the clothes I like to see on women, it would have to be 'Obvious'. I know this annoys the hell out of R. at times, so I try and keep it under wraps, at least when we're in public. But I'm a guy. I knows what I likes. And I likes short skirts (preferably black or red. NOT Navy blue), black hose (other colors are only permitted if they are stockings), and FMPs. Sorry if this is in anyway offensive to any women out there. It doesn't mean I don't think you have brains, it just means that I have a certain idea of what looks nice.

Its actually academic anyway. I'm happily married (i.e. I'm happy about being married to R. The rest of my life sucks, but that at least is good). And I ain't about to do anything to jeopardi(s/z)e that.

Alright, I guess I need to go do something meaningful with my day. Enjoy your humpday, may it bring you blessings beyond measure...

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