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2004-10-07 - 11:19 a.m.
My stepson is waking up.
By that I don't mean he's crawling out of his bed grumbling about being got up too late/too early/at all. I mean he is waking up inside.
While I was getting the laundry basket from his room this morning, I saw a two page paper on the floor entitled 'J's views on Death and Religion'.
It was well written, open and honest. To paraphrase, he basically says 'I don't know what lies beyond death, but it scares me that I will die one day, and I want to make an awesome contribution to mankind before I do.'
He also mentioned that he wasn't sure what religion to be, but he kind of likes Buddhism.
Fair enough.
Understanding this about him makes it more important to me to find ways to help him grow and become the person he wants to be.
I wish I knew where to start....

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