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Catpewk RisingCatpewk Rising

2004-10-08 - 7:42 a.m.
I have a sense of foreboding, that I cannot pin down.
I hate that.
This weekend is Goddess Rising. When I finish work tonight we have to get our stuff packed up and head over to a friend's house then all drive down from there. Two days without Electricity. Which of course, means no updates here, either. Should be interesting...
J. will be home alone this weekend. I hope he behaves himself. Or at least, cleans up after himself.
We are now planning to go to Sedona in the Spring and to take J. with us. I think that should help alleviate some of the guilt R. has been feeling about leaving him at home while we go on our little trips. Personally, I used to love being home alone when I was 16. But that's just me...
Yesterday was powerful busy, and today is most likely going to be the same, so I'd best get my act together and see what I can see...
Have a nipple quivering Friday!

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