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2004-10-16 - 9:09 a.m.
My niece is alive - that's a good thing!
That's all she told me so far, I'm hoping to get more information if she calls today.
The Cable Guy is coming. The premium channels are doing that digital thing they do every now and then.
Damn digital cable. This was never a problem back in the day. Analog cable worked just fine for me.
R. wants Tivo. I do not.
It is an illusion to think that its gives you control over your TV viewing habits. It takes control of you and adds truckloads of guilt to the background white noise guilt we experience just from being alive today. It reminds you that you have 20 unwatched TV shows that it took the trouble to record for you, and that you have since inconsiderately refused to watch. What kind of behavior is that for a thinking ape? And talk about unfeeling and insensitive - my god, MYYYYYYY God!!!!
So no, we won't be getting Tivo. I think the world will keep turning even if I miss the occasional episode of The Apprentice, or Scrubs. Maybe even West Wing, although I'm not about to test that theory.
Alright, I guess I need to stop writing now. I seem to be Captain MotorMouth this morning...

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