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Idiots and the people who vote for themIdiots and the people who vote for them

2005-01-05 - 7:53 a.m.
President Bush is working on his policy to reform Social Security right now.
The approach shows a fundamental lack of understanding about the nature and purpose of Social Security.
The idea is that younger workers will be allowed to take a portion of the money that would have gone to Social Security, and instead put it in a personal retirement account.
Leaving aside the obvious unlikelihood of anyone under age 25 actually doing this unless forced to, the larger problem is this: It is not their money.
You will never see the money you put into Social Security again. Nor should you. Your money supports your parents. Your kids' money supports you.
If these younguns start putting money into their own accounts, it means there is less money in the system for grandma and grandpa.
At a time when there are less workers and more retirees than any time in history, this is about as smart as looking down the barrel of a gun and pulling the trigger to see why it isn't firing.
Speaking of idiot sons of Former President George H.W. Bush, I see Governor Bush is on a little trip with Powell to visit the Tsunami torn lands of Southern Asia.
Why, one might ask? Is it because he looks enough like his brother that the local people will think it is the President, come to tend to them personally?
Probably not. I'm sure the official reason is that since Florida has had so many Hurricanes, Governor Bush can offer helpful hints and advise in this crisis.
But the true, sad and somewhat surprising reason is that we will be seeing a lot more of the Florida Governor over the next four years.
This is the President's second term. If the election is as close as it was last time, the Republicans could win simply because 2-3% of registered voters are too dumbass stupid or apathetic to realize that their not voting for the same Bush they did the last two times. Then add another 1-2% for those that really want the current President to get a third term, and see his brother as a sort of surrogate.
The Dems now have a serious problem on their hands, and they already had a serious problem on their hands.
On the one hand, they cannot run Senator Clinton as Presidential Candidate, because she was born in Illinois, and is the Senator for New York, and so is not a Southern Democrat. They could run her as Veep, or they could try and spin her ethnicity so that she is perceived as being from Arkansas, not Illinois or New York.
But if they run her as VP, where the hell do they get a Southern Democrat from that everyone likes?
There is no one that I see out there right now who could pick up the reins, so I guess we'll need to watch what happens over the next three years.
In the meantime, Today is Wednesday. I barely had enough gas to get to work, I have $1.84 in my bank account, half a pack of cigarettes and I don't get paid until Friday.
Gotta love our President and his economic reforms...

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