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2006-01-25 - 11:39 p.m.
One of my buddies is going to Vegas.

Having been, I felt it neccesary to impart some advice:

Vegas hints & Tips:

1) Anyone giving away free tickets ISN'T. They want you to buy some damn time share and will ask you for money.

2) Collect as many hooker cards as possible. You can't redeem them for cash, but you can scan them so we can all have a laugh. If you don't know what Hooker cards are, go for a walk down the strip...

3) Best Free Event: Sirens of TI - at the Treasure Island hotel.

4) Second Best Free Event : The M&M Thing.

5) You are a Geek. Resistance is Futile. You will go to the Hilton and do the Star Trek experience.

6) While you're there, get your picture taken with a Klingon or Ferengi at Quark's

7) Table games are financially better than slots

8) Slots are more tempting

9) The Tit Strip is parallel and to the west of the main drag.

10) The tram is fun if you're drunk.

11) Only go to ONE Parrot show.

If you've never been to Vegas, and can't afford to go, turn on all the lights in your house, set all your Stereo systems on different stations and/or CDs and play them at their highest volume, ask your friends to come over and serve you drinks wearing nothing but their underwear, then throw money out the window.

That's Vegas, baby...

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