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2006-01-29 - 10:40 a.m.
It seems that Mother Earth has taken a wrong turn into a dark alley in a bad neighborhood in the small hours of the night.

Hamas has won in a landslide in the election in Palestine, and President Bush now gets to see that bringing democracy to the Middle East may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but democracy also means that people can get elected that don't like us very much.

This is a difficult situation. If the US and Israeli governments don't continue with the peace process, they will look like hypocrites, because they are effectively saying 'we only like democracy when you elect people we like.'

The Palestinian people have not elected Someone We Like. They have elected a terrorist para-military organization - Someone We Don't Like. This is not a good thing, but it also goes to show what happens when you Piss People Off too much.

Not going forward with the peace process under these circumstances means that the current administration can no longer separate the 'Peace Loving Palestinian People' from the 'Evil Terrorists, and Those That Harbor Them'. It means that President Bush is saying 'You are the same as them. You elected them, you are to blame. You are screwed.'

Unfortunately, the truth is more complicated. The Palestinians did not vote Hamas in to overthrow Israel. They voted them in because the Fatah party had failed them, and this was the only other choice.

That is also scary - that things have become so polarized politically that you only get to vote for Uncle Fluffy or Doctor Evil.

So before our planet gets raped and beaten and left bleeding in the gutter, please pray for wisdom, compassion and Peace...

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