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2006-02-09 - 6:44 a.m.
I haven't done an entry in a while because I've been busy recoding a mud client.

If that statement means nothing to you, don't worry. Basically I've been doing some reprogramming to make a program that I wrote twelve years ago (and then rewrote nine years ago to be compatible with windows 95 on up) compatible with windows XP and 2000.

Not all programmers are pagans, but many pagans are programmers. I think this is because if you mess around with computers long enough, you tend to see a lot of similarities between computers and human existence.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is like short term memory. Read only Memory (you hard drive, for example) is your long term memory. The CPU is the brain itself. The power supply is the heart, the vent and fan the lungs, and the wiring the circulatory system.

The computer has evolved. Webcams, Microphones, Speakers - eyes, ears, mouth. The Japanese are developing tactile sensory input devices even as we speak...

Most computers have a connection to other computers - their network card or modem. This network is generally referred to as the Internet. The Spiritual similarity is to our sub/unconscious connection to one another and to the rest of the Universe.

So if we as humans are capable of building such things like us, perhaps (the geek begins to think) someone else made us.

It is then that your average hacker begins to look into the meaning of life and the universal systems, and when they encounter anomolies they attempt to 'debug' the system.

Paganism is Judao-Christianity debugged...

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