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Drunken Dutch Announcers are the funniest.Drunken Dutch Announcers are the funniest.

2006-05-20 - 8:05 p.m.
There are days when I loathe technology. Usually when it insists on going pear shaped on me when I'm doing something vitally important and urgent. Then there are other days where I love technology with a passion and want to father it's children. Today was such a day.

Whilst playing and chatting on a MUD in Sweden (Multi User Domain) that I've been hanging out on for 13 years on and off, The subject came up of the Eurovision song Contest which was apparently in progress at that moment all across Europe, and my buddies in Sweden and England were watching it.

Being from England, I started feeling a little nostalgic, and wanted to watch it with them, but being in the USA, it wasn't on any channel over here.

However, with the wonders of the internet, I was able to pull up a live webcast, plug it into my TV and then watch and chat with them at the same time, laughing at the Lithuanians and their song 'We are going to win the Eurovision Song' and goofing on the Predator-like Finnish winners playing a disco song thinly disquised as Heavy Metal and called Hard Rock Hallelujah.

All voting across Europe was done by cellphone in the space of ten minutes.

Days like these, where technology brings people together, are the days when I feel good about being a computer geek :)

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