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Meet the News Boss, Same as the old BossMeet the News Boss, Same as the old Boss

2006-05-22 - 2:21 p.m.
Those of you who pay attention to America politics are probably wondering what Democrats will have to do in the next few months to avoid taking back the House and/or Senate from Republicans.

The answer, of course, is dumbass stuff like this.

True, the House of Representatives has never been known for being made up of the brightest, best and most honest that the U.S. has to offer, but come on. To quote His Royal Dukeness John Wayne, This is getting rid-goddam-diculous!

Have you guys not seen Star Wars? The rebel alliance is supposed to be pure in heart and deed as they fight against the overwhelming forces of the evil empire.

But who the hell are we supposed to get behind when The Good Guys are just as bad as The Bad Guys? Ralph Nader?

The sad truth is that the only time American politics is not as bad as it is the rest of the time, is when it does nothing. When you have houses in opposition, or a President and Congress on opposite sides of the fence, then nothing gets done, and thank God for that because after 6 years of stuff getting done this badly, it will be a welcome change.

The US is on the brink of economic collapse. Once that happens we will get our asses kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we will end up like Russia after the falls of communism.

The only way we can stop, or at least slow, this destructive path is to restore the checks and balances. But we will not have a balanced Congress as long as the Dems keep getting caught taking the checks. And cash. And probably Visa and Mastercard too...

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