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We may yet prevail...We may yet prevail...

2006-05-23 - 8:57 a.m.
Filling up with gas this morning I noticed a familiar sight - 2 out of three pumps closed. When I got to the store, another familiar sight - shelves with lots of empty space.

We like to pretend everything is normal in the States, but it really isn't.

So when I got back home and read about this, I had to read it several times and then research it because, like so many positive things these days, it seemed too good to be true.

But it is true, and real, and it may be the most significant thing to happen in technology since the invention of the the Spinning Jenny.

A Florida company is fueling a car with a combination of gas and water. Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. based out of Clearwater, Florida has invented a new device called the H2O Model 1500 Gas Generator. It runs off water and produces a unique water/hydrogen gas that can be used for welding metal because of it's extreme heat capabilities, and also as a fuel source which is where right now it becomes a Really Big Deal.

This is not a Hydrogen Fuel Cell concept, it is the same basic principle that kids used to play with in High School.

But now it works, and Danny Klein's company is producing 15,000 liters/hour of his product for a cost of 70 cents .

Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics are all over this guy right now, and I'm sure the oil companies are going to be very interested in this technology also.

Take a look at the video on CNN and learn all you can about the technology before this guy meets with an unfortunate accident on his way to Exxon Headquarters...

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