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But I still haven't found what I'm looking for.But I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

2006-06-16 - 7:18 a.m.
The US Zeitgeist occasionally slips into my consciousness despite my best efforts to ignore it. So recently, on the morning before the American Idol final, I googled both finalists and concluded (correctly) that Taylor Hicks was going to win because he had five times as many references as Katharine McPhee.

Being in a silly mood this morning, I thought I would explore this further. One thing I noticed recently in the trailers for the new Superman movie was the line 'Does he still stand for Truth, Justice - all that stuff?'

Well the American Way has certainly had a bad rap recently, which is why they are not pushing it in the movie.

Sure enough Google Truth and you get over half a billion hits, Justice gets slightly less but still over the half billion mark, and then American Way is way behind at barely 8 million (if you're checking this, remember to put American Way in quotes otherwise you won't get an accurate picture.)

Personally I think the American way is assumed to be the President's way, but I think right now the two are diametrically opposed. Traditionally, Americans love to champion the underdog, standing up against the big nasty bully. When America takes the role of the bully, things get confused...

Other interesting findings - There are nearly twice as many hits for love as there are for sex, but money gets the most of all - even more than fun.

People have become more serious. Life comes first, then Liberty, but the "pursuit of happiness" falls far behind. Our president will be glad to know the people now care about politics - Dick and Bush rates higher than cock and pussy.

As far as the issues of the day, Iraq remains front and center, and despite the administration's best efforts to shift the focus, illegal immigration is nary a blip.

The parties have not really shifted into gear for the 2008 elections yet, however early indications show Hilary Clinton is more popular than Rudy Giuliani, but Al Gore beats both of them put together.

The mid terms are coming up however, and Republican beats out Democrat by a wide margin, but Moderate beats them both. Also, Liberal beats Conservative hands down.

On the religious front, while Christianity still beats out every other group combined, Pagan beats Buddhism and, perhaps more surprisingly, Judaism.

And who is the Golden Child? It seems Shiloh beats out Suri by a wide margin, although it seems more likely that Tom and Katie will tie the knot before Brad and Angelina, (when using the search terms Tom and Katie marriage and then Brad and Angelina marriage)

Brazil World Cup Team may be favorites to win, but England World Cup Team has twice as many hits, so perhaps with odds of 6/1 that might be worth a flutter. In sports the US cares about, Miami Heat has waaaay more hits than Dallas Mavericks. Sorry Dallas!

Finally if you're not sure whether google is the right search engine to use, let me just tell you, it has over 9 billion hits which is more than yahoo and msn combined. Oh, and if you google "Pagan News", is #1 :>

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