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Warning: Summary Vent in ProgressWarning: Summary Vent in Progress

2006-07-13 - 7:45 a.m.
It occurs to me I haven't updated in a while.

The reasons for this are many and boring, but the simplest is this - I have had nothing to say.

That's not to say that I haven't had opinions about what has been going on - I surely have. But many of the things that have been going on have left me speechless, or too emotionally charged to write anything but puerile drivel, and I'm trying to shy away from that for a while.

So let me try and summarize things in a few lines:

- The various degenerates that have been found guilty of drowning, killing, burying and/or raping children recently: I sincerely hope that you live long enough to get regularly ass-raped by the biggest, meanest, most psychotic and well-hung inmate of whatever correctional or mental facility you find yourselves in.

- To the Democratic Party: Do not assume for one second that you are going to landslide the mid-terms. The districts are so locked in to one party or another (which is as much your doing as the GOP) that there is only a 2% likelihood of any given House seat swinging your way.

- To the Republican Party: Your leader is going to turn this planet into radioactive slag if you let him, in the name of Jesus Christ. Don't let him.

- To the Department of Veteran Affairs that has had the Wiccan grave markers tied up in committee for nine years. You are dishonoring the memory of Sgt. Patrick Stewart,and insulting thousands of veterans whom you are supposed to be helping.

- To every Radical terrorist, christian, muslim or whatever. The sooner you get that all you ever accomplish is to strengthen the resolve of the very people you are attacking - frequently rallying them to the flag of a leader that they would otherwise see right through - the sooner there is a chance that someone may actually listen to what you are saying.

- To everyone who hates another group of people simply because they are a different color, religion, sexual orientation or gender to you, YOU are the reason this planet is so fucked up. Please leave as soon as possible.

I know it is hard sometimes to look at someone who is wearing similar clothes, or has a similar complexion, to a person that has done great harm to you or your country without feeling uneasy, frightened or angry. But please remember:

a) Most people are not assholes.
b) Anyone can be an asshole, whether you eat oysters or snails, pork or beef.

Finally, to Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Japan, China, and the United States:

Chill the Fuck out. That's it, back to the Cave for me...

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