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You are not a beautiful and unique SnowflakeYou are not a beautiful and unique Snowflake

2006-07-20 - 8:56 a.m.
I see President Bush (or to give him his official title, Lord High Chancellor of the Klingon Empire) has used his first veto on stem cell research, thus helping secure America's future as third world country.

Leaving aside for a moment that this only increases the rest of the world's view that Americans are a bunch of uneducated, selfish, hypocritical zealots, we are also faced with the obvious truth that every other country is leaping on this new science with a passion, and within a couple of decades will be selling spare parts to our aging population at a high mark-up.

Tony Snow, the Whitehouse's Chief Spin doctor explained the President's position as follows: "The president is not going to get on the slippery slope of taking something living and making it dead for the purposes of scientific research."

Really? Well shoot me in the face and call me Harry, we've finally found a reason why the President won't kill something.

- Killing for Hunting purposes is okay.
- Killing for Military purposes is okay.
- Killing as a punishment is okay, even if you're mentally retarded or a minor.
- And let's not get into the murky waters of policital opposition.

And in all the examples above, one individual contains trillions of cells. The frozen embryos we are talking about contain, at most, 8 cells.

Some of these frozen embryos get used for giving mothers a chance at having babies.

Others are used to give other mothers a chance at having babies by giving them up for 'adoption'.

As for what's left? Well stem cell research would have allowed the remaining embryonic stem cells to be used to save millions of lives by - and here is the kicker - growing organs in a Petri dish.

But that is not going to happen now. Instead, like America's future, those left over will just be thrown out with the trash.

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