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The Hiram KeyThe Hiram Key

2006-07-28 - 4:33 p.m.
I've been reading a book called 'The Hiram Key', which is a fascinating insight into Freemasonry, and its evolution.
Strangely enough, Freemasonry is as much the story of history as it is a secret society.
Here are some things you may not have known.
The Skull and Crossbones was not originally a pirate flag. It was the Marine Battle Flag of the Knights Templar.
The Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is not a chapel at all. It is a reconstruction of a temple (either Solomon's or Herod's) outside Jerusalem, under which were hidden scrolls on kingmaking.
The walls of the Rosslyn chapel, built in the 1300s, contain images of Indian Maize and Aloe Cactus, which were unknown in Europe until the 1500s at the earliest.
There is a rock carving of a Knight Templar in Westford, MA, confirmed by Archeologists as being from 100 years before Columbus.
There is a Templar styled Tower from the same period on Rhode Island (Newport Tower).
What I found interesting about this book is that although the authors have done an extraordinary amount of research, they have failed to tap a very rich vein of related information to be found in the Golden Dawn and Ceremonial Magic. Some of the imagery and correspondences to be found in the book speak of things that the authors clearly have no idea of, and I think this is a shame.
At some point I would like to become a Mason, and share what I have learned with them. But since I don't know any masons, I don't think that is likely to happen any time soon.

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