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2006-09-05 - 4:30 p.m.
The last few years I have felt more and more as if the little guy (i.e. me. (although to apply the term 'little' to a 6'4" 250lb hulking brute is laughable..)) is being shat upon from a great height by Corporate America, and its sister company, The Federal Government (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Halliburton Inc.).

So I was pretty happy today to be able to strike back in some small way by making my DVD player Region Free! Neena-Neena-Neena! Bite me Sony! Bite me Fox! Bite me Warner Bros! I can now watch any DVD from any country whethere or not you 'allow' it, so screw you!

My sister can now send me the new Captain Scarlet DVDs and I can watch them safe and secure in the knowledge that it Pisses Off Someone Bigger Than Me.

In fact almost any DVD player can be made region free, it's just that some are easier than others, and the Akai DVPS-760 was surprisingly easy.

I guess these days one has to celebrate the small victories as they come. And hope for a large victory in November...

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