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2006-10-09 - 7:33 a.m.
North Korea has The Bomb.
Iran is going to have The Bomb.

Will someone please explain to me why we are in Iraq? No-one now seems to know. Even President Bush has publically stated that there was no connection between 9-11 and the invasion of Iraq.

I also see that the Taliban are gaining ground again in Afghanistan. Well gee, maybe if instead of deploying 140,000 troops to a country that wasn't a threat to us, we could have sent 7 times more troops to Afghanistan than we already have, and perhaps we'd have captured Osama Bin Laden, developed a non-opium oriented agricultural policy for that country (instead of the overstocked world market that now exists) and not trained a whole new generation of terrorists in the process.

Sometimes I have to wonder whose side President Bush is really on. In as much as there are sides to this thing. These days it seems to be more and more the US against the rest of the world, mostly because of our wonderful recent foreign policies and our human rights records at home and abroad.

The final test of whether or not this country has become too corrupt to be taken seriously anymore is going to be at the polls this November. If the vast majority of incumbents remain in office, then one can assume that the gerrymandering that has gone on for the past decade has basically removed any hope of democratically electing a government.

And if that is the case then those who have the ability to affect change and restore the constitution in this country have the responsibility to do so. Because if a government cannot or will not protect its citizens but instead places them unnecessarily in harm's way whilst sucking them dry financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally, then that is a government that no longer belongs in power and must be removed for the good of all. The mechanism to remove them was built into the constitution - by democratic means if at all possible, by other means if not.

But we are not yet at that point. In 28 days, we should have the opportunity to once again overthrow the government legally, and we need to do that before we piss off too many other people. Because I'm not worried about a country like Iran or N. Korea that wants lots of Nuclear Weapons.

I am however terrified of a person who only wants one...

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