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Welcome to 2007 - Drive FriendlyWelcome to 2007 - Drive Friendly

2007-01-04 - 10:45 a.m.
Another year is upon us...

This holiday season, many people I spoke to felt they were simply phoning it in.

There has been a world weariness about..well, the World I suppose, for several years now.

I have high hopes that 2007 will be a year when things change for the better. For me. For you. For all of us...

It's time to find the Love again. We need to stop being mad at each other for silly reasons. Skin color... Religious beliefs... Cultural Differences... I want a happy planet again.

I want to get back that planet where the worst thing we had to worry about was dress with a stain on it.

Speaking of which, Democrats take over the U.S. Congress today. I would like to ask them to make a special effort to fix Iraq as quickly as possible.

My personal choice would be to break it down into three separate countries, since that is what is going to happen inevitably, so why not just do it now and avoid more bloodshed? I don't think anyone wants a repeat of Yugoslavia.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone.

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